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A Day Trip to Julian, CA with the Family

When it comes to planning the perfect family day trip, Julian, California should be at the top of your list. Nestled in the picturesque mountains of Southern California, Julian offers a delightful blend of outdoor adventures and charming small-town experiences. Our recent family day trip to Julian was nothing short of magical, filled with apple picking, indulgent treats, nature exploration, and the discovery of hidden gems. Join us as we take you through our memorable day in this quaint mountain town. The perfect adventure of a quick trip.

Morning Adventure: Volcan Apple Picking

Our day began with a scenic drive to Volcan Valley Apple Farm, a haven for apple enthusiasts of all ages. Surrounded by lush orchards and breathtaking mountain views, this family-owned farm offers the perfect setting for apple picking.

The bags were $15 and admission was $5 a person. The kids were thrilled to explore the rows of apple trees, picking the

juiciest and crispest apples they could find. The parking was very easy, some people parked along the side of the road, but if you just keep going the road comes to a large lot with plenty of parking and a place to enter directly from the lot. While it seemed there were a lot of people, on multiple occasions we had the whole row to ourselves! The kids delighted in munching while they went about searching for their favorite varieties!

Mid-Morning Indulgence: Miners Diner

After working up an appetite in the orchard, we headed to the heart of Julian and made our way to Miners Diner. This 1950s-style diner is a blast from the past, complete with checkered floors, retro booths, and a jukebox playing classic tunes. Our taste buds were in for a treat as we savored malt shakes and root beer floats, the

perfect way to cool down on a sunny day. But the real surprise awaited us inside - a hidden candy shop known as the "Candy Mine." Tucked away behind a curtain, it's a candy lover's dream come true, offering an array of nostalgic sweets. There are even metal miner pals to carry the goods in.

A Tasty Alternative to Floats and Malts

Don't hesitate to stop by the famous Mom's Pie House, a crowd FAVORITE. The smell coming from these doors is a treat in itself. The variety offered is amazing and delicious. My favorite is strawberry Rubarb with a scoop of vanilla. While it may seem daunting with a line, it moves rather quickly, and gives the perfect amount of time to make a pie choice.

Exploring Nature: California Wolf Center Nature Store

With our sweet cravings satisfied, we embarked on a different kind of adventure by visiting the California Wolf Center Nature Store. This educational stop is dedicated to the conservation of wolves and their natural habitats. While we didn't encounter live wolves during our visit, we did find an abundance of wolf-themed merchandise, books, and educational materials. It was a wonderful opportunity to teach the kids about these magnificent creatures and the importance of wildlife conservation.

Lunchtime Delight: Dudley's Bakery

As afternoon approached, we decided to refuel at Dudley's Bakery, a local favorite known for its freshly baked bread and delicious sandwiches. We picked up a loaf of their famous sourdough bread, and ordered an assortment of sandwiches to satisfy our hunger (and each of the kids unique taste). While we enjoyed our meal, the kids had a blast running around in the spacious outdoor seating area, letting off some energy before the final stretch home.

Julian, California, truly exceeded our expectations as a family day trip destination. From the idyllic apple orchards to the retro charm of Miners Diner and the educational experience at the California Wolf Center Nature Store. There are just a few things that Julian has to offer with a variety of unique stores to visit for every personality. Dudley's Bakery provided the perfect ending to our day with delicious food and a relaxing atmosphere.

If you're looking for a day trip that combines the beauty of nature, delightful treats, and educational opportunities, Julian is the place to be. It's a destination that caters to both kids and adults, making it an ideal family getaway. We left Julian with full belly and an abundance of apples. This was the perfect adventure for an easy day with the kids exploring town.We can't wait to return to this charming mountain town for more adventures in the future.

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